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Who are we?

Fricking fracking-obsessed PAWRENTS !!! That's who we are...

Our CEO and founder's name is Retha and she is a proud pawrent of two schnauzers:  Mielies and Liefie. She has spent most of her life in the animal health industry and decided to start Salted Dogs as a passion project as Liefie is a big toy hoarder. 

Due to the strong bond between her and her pets, she also developed pet and pet-parent clothing sets that are soft, comfy, fashionable, and made in South Africa to 

support the local economy.







Petcare should be easy, as easy as visiting our website and stocking up on goodies.

we believe pet care should be:



Every pet and their pawrent deserves to look and feel good wearing our apparel. 

Convenient because it's delivered right to your door. 

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