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For all the Dog Women on Women's Day

The best therapist has fur and four legs, and I have 3 of these! They are all female and not only my whole life but also make my life whole. In my saddest moments, Mielies my Giant Schnauzer has comforted me for days to make me feel better by resting her head on my lap or lying on top of me and not leaving me alone for a moment.

How does she know that I am not feeling well? Because when I look into her eyes I know she is my best friend, my companion and I feel her soul. I believe as women our dogs are part of our emotional support structure even if they can't talk. They can also make you snap out of a bad mood in a flash like Liefie my Mini Schnauzer that makes a nest on my bed or if she grabs all the toys and hides them in her basket. Mielies hides her toys behind a lavender bush in my garden and every day she sniffs around the bush to ensure that nobody has touched her kingdom.

To celebrate all the love that you get from your dog this Women's Day we will have 10% off on ALL sweaters whether it is for you or your dog.

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